ntroducing Kendama-Do けん玉道紹介動画

This is video introduces Kendama-Do. Kendama-Do is the founding principle behind the Japan Kendama Association, since its beginnings in 1975. The Do in Kendama-Do means "The Way" or "The Art Of". Kendama is special because this "way" is represented as both a performing art and a martial art. Do is the pursuit of perfection of character through a single passion. It embodies a way of life and cultivates one’s character. Performing art is represented in the mastery of tricks. Martial art is represented in the cultivating of oneself through training both body and mind, and building character through competition and respected opponents. Though this video you will understand the mindset behind Kendama-Do, which Japanese people have held dear to for many years. We will explain the basics of Kendama, competitions, as well as the certification licensing system. Please watch this video if you are new to Kendama or want to broaden your understanding of Kendama. We hope you will enjoy all aspects of this traditional Japanese game.


Performers; Yoshiki Matsunaga ( 
 5th Chairman) 
 Tomoko Shionoiri