Did I went shopping in Amagasaki/ Takatsuki. There is a large 花家. I bought 5 plants and my dogs enjoyed licking the staff lol. 
    We sat on a seat and the dogs jumped up as well. A staff member said, no dogs on the seat. But the manager who was there at the time said, no problem. The staff member shrugged and wandered away. 
    I got one third of the planting done. On Golden Week I will get more. I'm hoping to pick up a few trees as well. I have a lot of land and want to fill it up. 
    I was lucky and bought early and the house plots were large. Now this area is very popular and the plots are half the size. And they are selling like hotcakes. 
    This area is mountainside and used to have a strong minus ion aspect but that's gone now. Too many people and too many cars. 
    Fuck progress. 
    Here are a few pictures of my planting skills. Lol. 
    I will get a further five plants to line the end of the driveway and five trees. Awesome. 
    Don't buy an apartment just because it is convenient. Choose a house, home relaxing in a large space is great and also you'll own land. 
    I'm a foreign resident and I was able to get a mortgage without a deposit and low low interest rate. 
    And then you can plant trees and flowers like I do hahahhaaha. 

みなさん。 こにちは!!!!! 
Unlike most writers I don't finish a rough draft and then edit it and then rewrite it. In my mind that is a waste of time. What I do is this: I write an outline for three chapters and then I rewrite and edit those chapters at the same time. Then I write the next three chapters outline. 
    This way, if I need to revisit a previous chapter to adjust something, I can do it straight away. 
    It is a great time saver and outlines can be adjusted instantly. 
    I have read of authors making notes to change chapters, as they edit, before a rewite. 
    If that works for them, then that's great but we have tools to use for writing, like scrivener, that make adjustments simplistic. 
    Back in the day, I used to make copious amounts of notes. These days I don't think it is the most efficient way to work. 
    Other writers on Line, what do you do? 

I watched it on the WWE Network and it was awesome. My picks were not as accurate as they should have been. Which just goes to show you, those writers are getting better. 
    Asuka should have won. Her match was the best match of the night. It was engaging and never let up. 
    Cena vs Undertaker was a waste of build up time, but I think they will meet again, soon. 
    A.J. Styles vs Shinsei Nakamura  match could have been much better. The heel turn was unexpected but then again, I watch RAW and never see Smackdown, so I don't know the story build up. 
    Still it was 6.5 hours of fun entertainment apart form the main event which was boring. Even the audience started chanting: This is boring. 
    I will continue to watch. It's fun. It is a shame that Japan is two weeks behind the US. I know they need translation time but surely it doesn't take that long. My wife can translate to her family in almost real time and that's without a script. These translators are given a copy of the script. 
    Fans should translate.
    Oh well. It is what it is.