Hello! This is wappa writing。
Yesterday、I went to the live concert of "Yatumata's"and"eu"with Nobiyo!
The name of the live house we went is "You-q-an" which is located near the Toritsu daigaku station. It was a Okinawa restaurant before. And for that reason, the layout of the live house was very strange. It was separated into two big spaces, one is the bar space for the audience, and the other is a big stage which is same height as an audience's space. We found a few chairs at the stage side, so we decided to sit on that "VIP"seat! Fortunately, we got a chance to join the session using the palm nuts bell and Riq (a little bit)!

Introducing the band,
the first band was "eu", Drumer "Masahiro Uemura" & Pianist "Keita Egusa"

"Jabisen; a 3 stringed instrument of Okinawa" he is holding has no relation to their music! :D

I love their songs and performance which have exquisite balance between the deeply searched music and the popular music! Stoic but Pop! Same as their personality!
After the performance, Egusa-san and Nobiyo was talking about Emerson, Lake & Palmer in an excited tone!

The second band was "Yatumata's"!
(from the left, Junzo Tateiwa, Kayo Sudo, Tokuhisa William)

(And there was one more person, the great dancer "AKIKO TAKADA", but when we took this picture, she was already gone.... :< )

This was the first time I saw Yatumata's.
and their performance was really superb!!!!
The member was..
◆Piano,Acco,Vocal(Composer of the band) Kayo Sudo
◆Voice (Khoomei,VoiceNoise,Vocal,etc) Tokuhisa William
◆Perc. (Darbuka,Daf,Riq,etc) Junzo Tateiwa
◆Dance (Bellydance and more others) Akiko Takada
First I saw those member list, I was wondering "what kind of music they are going to play?", But after I saw their stage, I understood what they wanted to do and was deeply impressed.

We usually think about many things by placing into various categories. Like "Rock, Jazz, Traditional music, Hiphop, Blues". But I think that those barriers will make the limits of our infinite imaginations. Their performance showed me "Every poetry, dance and music were created instinctive by human being and that is the biggest and most positive universality".
And that way of thinking was exactly what I've wanted to have when I create the original works for the Dog Ear Records. Their great performance made me re-recognize it.

I wish that I can go see the live concert of these two band as much as possible!

※Nobiyo, eu, Yatumata's and me!

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