Hello, this is Matsushita from Dog Ear Records.
For the people who don't know me yet, please let me introduce my self.
I worked for Square-Enix until Sep.30 2007, and I did the produce of the CDs and concerts, and worked behind the cash register sometimes at the Game show. But from today, I was linked by fate, and start working at Dog Ear Records. "Hello!" to someone who already knows me! And "Nice to meet you!"to the one who don't know me yet. I will write sometimes at this DERBLOG, so please look forward for it!

Since I came to new company, I decided to do something new. And finally, we will start the "Inu Mimi(Dog Ear) Internet Radio" from today. Anyway, we decided to do it a short time ago, so we bought the voice recorder "ZOOM H2" this afternoon , and record it, edit it, and updated it in hurry. So this time, it's a quick preview, and from next version, we will update the normal sized radio regularly, so please listen to it if you have time.
(I'm very sorry that we are speaking in Japanese... :-<)

As wappa wrote here before, Dog Ear Records's office is located in Jiyu-gaoka in Tokyo. "Jiyu-gaoka" means "Hill of Freedom". What a nice name! Who has named this? Following its name, I want to work with "freewheeling thinking" and produce many things which makes you happy, so please look forward to what we do!

And there's one more thing to tell you. We will do the concert "Microsoft Presents Orchestral Pieces from LOST ODYSSEY & BLUE DRAGON" which Nobuo produce. For details, please click the banner on the Dog Ear Record's homepage(http://www.dogearrecords.com/) . The orchestra concert full-produced by Nobuo will be the first time since "VOICES music from FINAL FANTASY". We're waiting for you to come!

See you!