月別アーカイブ / 2007年03月

Hi ! This is wappa writing
On Monday, I met a person whom I hadn't seen for a long time.
Do you remember him who is standing on the right side?

He is Yoshito Fuchigami,
A studio singer who has a wonderful career!
He's also a support member in the chorus of famous artists,
like Eikichi Yazawa and Chikuzen Sato(from Sing Like Talking).

And also, He was a member of "The Moogles" at the live concert
Have you ever seen their performance which they did at
Pacifico Yokohama?
Unfortunately, the concert's DVDs were sold only in Japan.

About "The Moogles", there are four more members.
Naoki Takao, Kiyoshi Hiyama, Yasuhiro Kido, Goro Oshima.
And they are all great studio vocalists!
The song they sang at the concert was a medley of the
Final Fantasy's music, and the musical arrangement they did
was a very exquisite balance!
It was a simple arrangement, but interweaved their high techniques
with it.
And was comical, but sometimes serious.

I wish that I could work with them again and see their performance.
Maybe, your comments can bring them
back to the stage again as "The Moogles"!?




最近では子供達が実際の仕事の現場を見学するような機会であったり、社会勉強として実体験をする機会、また 働く大人たちから直接仕事の話を聞いたりする機会が格段に減ってきているように思われます。ドッグイヤー・レコーズでは、そういった現代の子供達に可能な限り多く仕事の実体験をしてもらいたいという想いから今回のプロジェクトを進めていくことを決心致しました。当然ながら制作途中段階の情報を見せていくリスクなど、企業にとって必ずしもプラスではない点も多くありますが、ドッグイヤー・レコーズの目指す作品は今この瞬間だけ愛される作品ではなく、この先何百年と大切にしてもらえるような作品を作っていきたいと思っており、そういった作品を目指す上では子供達に製作過程を見られる事は特に障害にはなりません。むしろこのプロジェクトによって子供達に多くの経験を与えることができるのならば、それこそが大人として、社会人として大きな価値のあることだと思っています。


Hello! This is wappa writing!
Recently, the access to our blog is increasing by the link from the "square-enix music" and the "Smile Please". At this timing, we want to tell you about what we are thinking about our "Creating work".
At present, our main business is "creating video game music", but "Dog Ear Records" is a record label, so we do want to release the original CDs in the near future. The situations of those are still in the planning stage. But probably, we can release some of the works around this autumn.

The music we want to provide to you is a various music created by the musicians of a wide range of nationalities, So that a lot of people with various musical tastes will listen to our music; moreover, we want every listeners and creators to become happy by our works, and we will make strenuous efforts to realize it.

And one more thing we want to work on is "providing to children the opportunity to get the real experience of working, by participating in the part of the creating business of Dog Ear Records". Last month, I got a chance to talk about "working" with the children of the elementary school sixth-grader in Saitama Prefecture, as a guest teacher. What I felt by talking with them is that the recent children get a lot of knowledge by the popularization of the internet more than when we were a school child. But those "knowledge by information" is completely different from the "knowledge by experience". The things they get from the internet are not the "knowledge by experience" which was gotten by the real experience, so I felt that those children don't understand the essence of the thing which they know, actually. And the problem is that they are losing their imaginations by having the illusion that they know every kind of thing by getting those information knowledge.
Actually, it is very important to have a lot of knowledge. Because nothing come of nothing. I think "imagination" is the same too. But most important thing is not the "quantity" of the knowledge, but the "quality" of the knowledge which adult gives to the children.

Recently, the opportunity of visiting the scene of the actual work, the opportunity to have the real working experience as the learning about society, and also the opportunity of asking to adults about the work seem to be decreasing remarkably. Dog Ear Records decided to work on this project to give our children a lot of real experience of the work as far as possible. Of course, it's not always positive for the company such as the risk by showing the information still in progress. But the works we want to create are not only the fashionable good seller music which listener loves only for a few years. We want to create the things which people will love for hundreds years.
When aiming to create those kinds of works, showing the information which is still in progress to the children won't be an obstacle to us. Or rather, if we can give our children a lot of experiences by this project, I think it includes the most valuable things for adults and the society, and also for us, too.

I think you won't have a chance to see these kinds of activities. But when it realized, I'll show it a little on my "DERBLOG"!
Oops! Sorry, this entry became too long.
Lastly, growth of the Dog Ear Records as a "company" is very important to us, but at the same time, being a company which can give a lot of people pleasure with it is what we aim for, and we will realize it through hard work! We appreciate your continued support! Thank you!

※Excuse me if there's a mistake in my English.
It was difficult for me to translate this time. :<