企業セミナー🏢Yoga Life Coachingの一環として、瞑想を体感していただきました。

I love you all!

Corporate Seminar 🏢
As part of my Life Coaching via Yoga, I got everyone to experience meditation.
Even for those who have never done yoga or meditation before, the changes in their energy among other things are so wonderful that you can see the glittering in their eyes. I love those moments.
Thank you for such a valuable opportunity.

These are pics from the other day from that session.
Yoga has a number of methods to boost the immunity which have been carried on from ancient times. Because of these difficult times we're in, let's all work towards boosting our strengths, no matter what method you choose to use. Of course, in a safe environment, that is.
There are certain things which are connected, even when away from each other.
I love you all!

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