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"今この瞬間"を、 一生懸命、HAPPYに生きることの大切さ。





Today, I have established my own company called "ONE08".
→ Please see the official website for details (Link in my Instagram Bio)
First of all, I’d like to Thank each and every one of You who have always supported me even after my long break from the entertainment industry.
I appreciate it SO much.

I established the company from my strong passion "to formulate and share all sorts of thoughts of mine," not just through the entertainment industry, but through all shapes and forms- Wellness, Welfare domestically and internationally etc.
It's not that we can’t change our past, but rather that the future can change the meaning of our past.
And for that, it's all about how we live our "now" 😊

It's important to embrace & live "this moment" each and every time, happily & to it's fullest.

The outside world starts to shine when we are TRULY fulfilled from within.
Let's discover the New Self which you yourself aren't even aware of yet.

I wish that everyone can Accept and Love themselves to be able to shine more and emit their light even brighter.

Thank You for your continued support. 

Nana Tanimura

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