"from Nara to the world"
世界で活躍されるフォトグラファー Terry and Naoki 展覧会のオープニングセレモニーでした。



"From Nara to the world"
The opening ceremony for the exhibition of photographers Terry and Naoki, who are active worldwide, was held. 
The piece in which I participated was the following.
It was an unprecedented and unheard-of shoot in which a person was to be a part of one of the largest golden folding screens in the world, the "Take-tora figure byoubu", by the biggest faction-style in the history of Japanese paintings, the "Kanou-ists", dating back to as early as the Muromachi-era, roughly 500 years ago.
Apparently that byoubu (folding panel) is from 400 years ago.
I'm very honored to have been able to take part in this big project, not to mention being given such a valuable experience.
Everyone please come check it out for yourselves!
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