Summer is finally here in Japan!
How are you all doing?
I’m doing very well🌸🌸🌸
When I wrote my blog in English last time, I said the movie "The Real Exorcist" will be in theaters in the United States, but we still don’t know the exact release date due to the effect of COVID-19.

I heard that the number of patients is much greater in the US compared to Japan. I really hope that calm days will come again.

The movie "The Real Exorcist" will be available on VOD soon, so please look forward to it😌💕
The Real Exorcist | The Official Movie Website

The good news is the movie "The Real Exorcist" will be released in theaters in Taiwan on August 7th as scheduled!
If you have friends in Taiwan, you might want your Taiwanese friends to watch it first, and get their feedback!?🎌

The great points about the movie "The Real Exorcist" are:

①This movie consists of different episodes, and the main character Sayuri, who is also an exorcist, solves problems in each episode. You might find an episode you can relate to?!

②This movie answers the deep questions, such as why ghosts and evil beings exist, what kind of thoughts they have, and why we, human beings, are born into this world.

③By watching this movie, you can learn how to protect yourself from evil spirits, and feel the existence of God, Love, and Light from Heaven.

④The movie "The Real Exorcist" is a worldwide movie, because it has already won 46 awards in 7 different countries including the best feature film award at the Monaco International Film Festival.

I played the role of the main character, Sayuri, who is an exorcist.
Sayuri guides and saves the ghosts that appear one after another.
Even if you don’t like horror movies, I’m sure that you can enjoy this movie because you'd feel thrilled as if you are watching a hero movie!

At the climax of the film, where Sayuri fights the final battle, you can see Sayuri wearing an authentic traditional Japanese costume!
Please don’t miss it!!

This movie "The Real Exorcist" is for all living people on Earth as well as the deceased souls.
It is a heart-warming and straightforward film with an earnest wish and message, "Let us all go back to Heaven!"

Whether or not you like horror movies, I hope this movie will entertain all of you!
If you love heart-warming movies, I am sure you will enjoy this movie.

You can learn a little more about the movie from my interview article on this website.
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