Summer is almost here!!!

In Japan, we have a heavy rainy season once a year which starts from June until the end on July,🌱

which is called "Tsuyu" in Japanese.☔️🐌

I’m very excited because the Tsuyu season is almost over, and sunny days are coming!!!

I’m also excited because the movie, 
will be released in theaters in Taiwan on August 7th🎦👏🏝

and it's scheduled to be released in the United States and Canada in August🎦✨
I played the role of Sayuri, who is the main character of the movie.

This movie was released in theaters in Japan on May 15th, 
and it’s still playing now and THE REAL EXORCIST was the No.1 weekend box office in Japan for FIVE consecutive weeks‼️↗️↗️🌸

Additionally, this movie has already won 46 awards in 7 different countries including the best feature film award (The Angel Trophy Award) at the Monaco international film festival, Gold Remi Award(Fantasy/Horror) at Houston International Film Festival in the US, and more!🎞👑🌏🌠

And it’s a horror movie, too!
It’s interesting because it’s nothing like other horror movies!!

I can say that this horror movie, THE REAL EXORCIST, is one of the most innovative horror movies in Japan!🍙🌸✨

It might be difficult to imagine how they can coexist,
But I strongly recommend this movie to not only the horror movie lovers, but also those who usually don’t watch horror movies.

You may cry after you watch this movie because it’s very touching!!👍✨

If you are interested, please check more info about this movie, THE REAL EXORCIST, from the link above, the official website of THE REAL EXORCIST!!

I really hope that you’ll get a chance to watch this movie and feel the Love of God♡

Please watch this movie〜!

See you soon 〜!!!


Please flow me!!!😉✨

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