Happy Birthday !! My big brother!! Hayato Sano!!


These days, you are learning English conversation, so I’m writing this blog in English with my new computer.
However, I’m still working on my writing skills, so there are a lot of mistakes. I hope you don’t mind my grammatical errors and can understand what I want to say.

I think that he is a superman.
There are many reasons why I think so.
Today,I will tell you one of them.

He works hard in order to achieve his big dream.

You know that everyone can have a dream or a goal in life,regardless of age,and its scale varies from person to person.
However,no matter what his or her goals are, you should work hard to achieve it.

He makes a great effort to serve, as the master of ceremonies, of a popular show which is held on January 1st every year.

I’m very happy because I can work with him and feel his strong passion.
Thank you for meeting him.


Have a good day!!

Shunta Sono