yes sir and ma'am, it's been awhile since I last wrote a blog (^o^), been pretty busy with life, work, enjoying, etc.

Oh yeah, several days ago I went to the ぱいはわ recording event, it was awesome d=(^o^)=b, I got to see Siorin and Dekami, also my fellow Koisio Family members, we even had a drinking party after the event

oh and here is my cheki, what a narcissistic dork I am (´д`|||), lol


so yeah, I wanted to talk about my personality, I have what is called a split personality...but honestly don't we all? as humans we enjoy the hell out of our lives and go nuts!! but also we get pretty angry too, and some of us go overboard and do the unexpected (I don't go that far), but's kinda something I have, if for example somebody does something that pretty much affects the mood and brings it down like start a fight then I'll try and stop it. but if it involves me then the American side of me that I don't want to show comes out (;´д`)

I also have this other side of me where I'm a pretty cool and nice guy who always wants to help the need. I want to work more into this personality of mine because there's just way too much bullsh*t going on in the world that we can't deal with anymore, and the only way to help resolve this problem is to not reignit what is already been ignited, I don't want to be the fire on the stick, I want to be the extinguisher!!

So I am trying hard not to be angry with people but as of now my relationship with people is doing well so I want to keep it that way.

last night's soccer match between Japan and Thailand was played very well!! 

Although Japan won 4-0 (yayy!!) Thailand played very well too! Their FW gave Japan some pretty mean looking shots, they put so much pressure onto Japan's offense where Japan had to give up some chances and had to bring the ball back to their defenders, but overall Thailand has the potential to overcome Japan's strength so Japan needs to be careful in the long run...


Japan played better

Kagawa scoring the first goal, Okazaki doing like how he does (heading) and scored, then you got the young Kubo who very well could be the next ace scoring again and Yoshida scoring as well, also can't forget Kawashima's magnificent save!!! 

also you have to look at this too


the players who scored all were in the starting line up!! that is just superb!

So Japan played very well! their next match is on June so gotta prep for that game!


Yes sir, you see this pic right here with these people throwing up them middle fingers up in the air? lol

I went drinking with the following monstars in Shinjuku

the ぷぅっぺa.k.a.旦那
the なつみ
the yuuchan◎
the たくみ
the たけ坊。

and then later on we went to Shibuya but dispersed afterwards so then たけさん called up another Monstar and moved to our second location, Akihabara!!

and that other Monstar is none other than


the 空さん!

(最近人の名前に"the"を付けてます(笑) いきなり日本語)

so yeah, this was my second time drinking with the Kuu-san and man he gave us a pretty good lecture about Banmon!, and he told me to keep cheering for them and keep on Tweeting in English about them because Banmon!'s slogan "てっぺんを目指すぞ" means to reach for the top, and without not only Japanese J-idol fans but I want to spread the word to the non-Japanese J-idol fans that Banmon! is here kicking some major ass too!!

shieeeet they can kick anybodys ass, even mine! lol.

so yeah!! even though my name was brought up in 2ch


(translation) family's Rob's English appeal and his girly ota(?) is horrible

I don't know who wrote this but I have a word for you...



I'll do whatever the fuck I want, if you don't like it then boo the fucking hoo!! go cry your sorry weak sauce ass in the Internet world or whatever the fuck you do with life. 女オタオタ? Bitch please, If you gotta problem with it then let me rephrase The Rock's attitude era phrase



ok, but I will be honest, I'm glad my name was on the site because it's proof that I'm doing my job! So whoever wrote that, with much love from me, thanks dude!