An important friend of mine is taking part in the election for Ota Ward, Tokyo City this June.
Her name Rie Saito.
Even though Rie is a deaf person,she can understand what we are saying by reading our lips. In addition, Rie is a single mother with a 11 years old daugther.
Rie is using her experience being a single mother and working to help the goverment provide support for single mother in Japan. Rie also wants to increase the support given to deaf people and other people with disabilites in Japan. I want to support Rie because it is difficult to run in an election in this Covid 19 pandemic. Everyone must wear a mask now, and it's difficult for Rie to communicate with people because she can't see their lips. Because of this, I have decide to volunteer and help Rie spread her message in her election. I respect Rie a lot. We are of the same age, and Rie is a very strong but kind person. I want everyone to know that Rie is running for the election in Ota Ward, so please give her all the support you can and tell all your friends and family about this amazing person. Lets all support Rie Saito in her dreams to make Japan a better place for single mother and people with disabilites. Thank you for reading.




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