So i broke up with you-know-who last week.
Neither of us has yet to say goodbye n seemingly it wasnt really a relationship with me to her so technically its just me thinking it was a breakup. It was the breakup that actually made me happy; i didnt know getting back to single feels this nice. What happened was, that basically she just gradually turned into a cold blooded fuckhead in the end and she gave me lots of signs of her lack of interest in me. But it was more than that to me; I mean i was PISSED OFF by her fucking condescending attitude like when she asked me how to say a certain thing (i forgot what it was) in Japanese by voice message, so i replied by voice message too. She didnt reply for a day and i texted her later, then she said "i was at the job n i wasnt gonna listen to it anyway.." Like i'd already told you i wouldnt mind if you took your time before replyin, so you didnt have to tell me that you were busy at fucking all. Her "im busy" went significant and that was also a sign that implied she wasnt interested in me atm. Dumb me finally figured it the fuck out on last weekend and finally, finally, FINALLY i was fucking LIBERATED from all the fucking bullshit that had dragged me down to crappy spiral of depression and insecurity!!! Now i can finally say im livin the happiest moment in my life. It was totally unexpected that the one who made me happy on the bed the other day, WAS THE ONE WHO PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN CONSTANTLY AND MADE ME THE UNHAPPIEST. Honestly, i currently hate her so much. My happiness absolutely comes without her. Love and hatred is just like the head and tail of a coin. This is the lesson i learnt just now, remember. "愛と憎しみは紙一重," unless i was just mentally a patient of Stockholm syndrome. Nah it wasnt any abduction case or some shit so it aint got nothin to do with Stockholm syndrome shit...i just mean that its one of feature of Stockholm syndrome that you fall in love with the kidnapper or the person taking you as a hostage when the case is in process, and once its over and you safely went home you will fiercely n seriously abhor the criminal. I just found it kinda similar with the conversion in change of what i thought of her and what i think of her currently. I used to love her; i even let her suck my dick and she even let me finger her pussy but now look at us. We be like, "fuck you" n arent even interested in each other. Maybe i am still interested in her cuz otherwise how did i end up writing all this essay shit? The hatred toward her keeps me thinking 'bout her, i admit that. But theres one definite fact. I am glad that shes gone...although i still gotta be thankful to her for all the food and movie that she paid for and moreover, the sex we had.

Anyway obviously i got tons of stuff n ppl that i should enjoy with. Now that its clear that shes not one of em, i'll finally be able to be happy with em.
So tomorrow, which is a new year's eve, I'll be chillin in New York City n of course hit the Times Square at the night. Im gonna upload many pictures on here, so be amused by them ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, btw the first two pictures obviously arent of New York or even America. Its Yakura station in Gumma on the Agatsuma line, to which i always wish i could go whenever im tired, which is a hopeless desire since im not even in Japan right now The thing is i really love love love a rural area, so back in Japan i often asked my parents n friends to take me to anywhere in rural just because it felt soo nice and refleshing to be those places.

And the middle two pics are of Mexico City International Airport. But um....i dont really have any comment on this place tbh, it was just an airport where i was frickin tired and i got nosebleed as soon as the security check on my baggages finished lol. I needed to rush to a bathroom to deal with that shit. I was just so fuckin tired here atm, thats all i remember hahah