Yesterday i was walking around the city of White Plains with my girlfriend and discovered many things that i had in Japan. Im from Maebashi, Gumma n there we have a huge shopping mall named ケヤキウォーク. There is a section solely for gaming, purikura and stuff n this place i visited yesterday looked pretty shabby and rudimentary compared to it, tbh haha. I liked it thou, cuz there were less ppl which is great because it's quiet and i like quite places.
And yeah, thats me kinda turning into a ghost in front of the crane game😅

Followings below are words n phrases i have learnt recently so far;
Gancho (Spanish word that means a hanger)
Plancha (again Spanish meaning iron)
Hacer pedo (Spanish, "to fart"😕)
Popote (straw)
Tapa (cover, lid)
Salute (when someone sneezes. "Bless you." in English)
Someone seems to be happy (when a person in front of you seems to be happy, you refer that person by saying this phrase"
How can I help you? (not only a store clerk but also when someone keeps looking at you, you can say this)
Indian burn (雑巾絞り, the frickin' painful punishment😦you do mainly on someone's forearm)
Excuse you (when someone says something rude to you)

As u see, im studying not only English but also Spanish. I have a Mexican friend and a Hispanic girlfriend who can speak the both languages, so how come don't you learn anything from them, particularly when you are fascinated in languages?

I'll list 'em up when i learn new words and phrases again.