I dont usually have any opportunity to go to a high school, but last Saturday i did, luckily.

I went for an acting play by ...i guess the all actors n actresses are elementary or middle school students from all around Westchester. 

To be honest, it was quite hard for me to catch up what the actors were talking about. Partially it's because of the language issue, but the unfamiliar theme contributed to the difficulty for me understand more than that.
It was about um...the almost entire session was about Conlard, who was acted by a short boy, and apparently Conlard (idk how to spell out this name) was a military personnel or someone. Healthy typical American boy.

Since i didnt really get the plot, im not gonna talk about it so much here

The most notable point to me was the place itself where i was the only Asian people. Everyone else beside me was white people and i was like, yo why arent any colored people present here? Lol.

I was happy thou, of course, as everyone looked nice and i saw some cute and beautiful girls there. It's sad i cant see them anymore but i certainly was glad that i had the chance to visit such place.