Yesterday I hanged out with Carlos, my Mexican friend. I saw many things that I never knew existed in America, like the game center. 

And what im supposed to do is just, sticking to the law of attraction.

Dude when u hangout, u gotta hangout focally. 

Yesterday i was walking around the city of White Plains with my girlfriend and discovered many things that i had in Japan. Im from Maebashi, Gumma n there we have a huge shopping mall named ケヤキウォーク. There is a section solely for gaming, purikura and stuff n this place i visited yesterday looked pretty shabby and rudimentary compared to it, tbh haha. I liked it thou, cuz there were less ppl which is great because it's quiet and i like quite places.
And yeah, thats me kinda turning into a ghost in front of the crane game😅

Followings below are words n phrases i have learnt recently so far;
Gancho (Spanish word that means a hanger)
Plancha (again Spanish meaning iron)
Hacer pedo (Spanish, "to fart"😕)
Popote (straw)
Tapa (cover, lid)
Salute (when someone sneezes. "Bless you." in English)
Someone seems to be happy (when a person in front of you seems to be happy, you refer that person by saying this phrase"
How can I help you? (not only a store clerk but also when someone keeps looking at you, you can say this)
Indian burn (雑巾絞り, the frickin' painful punishment😦you do mainly on someone's forearm)
Excuse you (when someone says something rude to you)

As u see, im studying not only English but also Spanish. I have a Mexican friend and a Hispanic girlfriend who can speak the both languages, so how come don't you learn anything from them, particularly when you are fascinated in languages?

I'll list 'em up when i learn new words and phrases again.

 I miss japan so bad..however, idk why but it is also reassuring to remind myself that i cant go back till at least some time in august, 2018. Moreover, i made a girlfriend for the very first time in my life and i wouldnt wanna leave her here. If she stays here, im happy to stay here too. The thing is, she hates an airplane and thus she hesitates to travel over 9000 miles to japan just like i did. She does like japan and i teach her japanese pretty often. Im happy that my capability of handling japanese turns out this usefulness and actually makes her happy.
 After all, im totally clueless about my life ahead and it's not a long matter of time like 20 or 30 years; it's about what's gonna happen in the next 3 to 4 years. Is it normal that you have no idea what'll happen in those span of years? Well, probably my life is meant to be something really different from the other. Haha, just as proved by having a Hispanic girlfriend, my life was already different from most of Japanese youths when i'd decided to study in the US. It doesn't really matter how different my life is from yours thou. Comparison seems to be my habit.. Anyway, after all, what matters the most is whether or not you are happy. Maybe it is okay to fail a semester. What determines okay or unacceptable is yourself. If i prioritirize my gf over grades, that could be an answer too because anything can happen in this crazy world. I'll give a little try for my grades thou. And let's see what happens in the next couple of months...