This is Ni-chan.🍙

Today, I want to write in English for overseas irumiies (the name of our fans😉).

So, I feel sorry for our fans in Japan.

But, please forgive me.


I wish you (especially students👨‍🎓👩‍🎓) enjoyed "to" translate this into Japanese. lol

First of all,

Thank you for coming to see our performance of Japan Expo 2018🇫🇷

There were more people than I expected.

So I was very glad when I found it 😭

Especially, our last tune was soooo excited!!

Look at this movie🎥

The floor became like a disco🕺 lol

I think it was one of the most memorable stage than I've experienced before

because we found that all of you really enjoyed our stage with us!

I'll never forget the view from the stage.

So now I really miss you.

We want to come back soon here in France.

And other countries, too.

To see you, overseas Irumiies😘

Please wait.

Don't forget us.

We're looking forward to seeing you again.


Au revoir.