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メッセージ from 森谷選手/ @moriyakentaro .
「物心ついたときから、僕の隣にはいつもサッカーがありました。 家では毎日兄とボールを蹴り、学校が終わると、校庭や近くの公園で日が暮れるまで、友達とボールを蹴り続けました。サッカーを始めたその日から、大人になった今でも、僕の隣にはサッカーがあります。






そして、「人と人を繋ぐ」ことのできるサッカーの価値と可能性を信じています。 」
“Ever since I can remember, soccer has always been together with me.
The enjoyment of kicking a ball, the joy of winning a game, the frustration of losing a game, the sense of accomplishment when we accomplished something. And above all, people I met through soccer is special to me like no other. Soccer give me a place to express my emotions and connect people with a single soccer ball.
For me, soccer is my life. And the environment to play soccer was a “natural” part of my life. However, there are approximately 640 million children in the world, and 90,000 in Japan, who cannot play soccer even if they wanted to. When I was confronted with this situation, I realized that the environment in which I was and the dreams that I had are not "natural”. There are children who want to play soccer, but cannot.
I want all children to be able to enjoy playing soccer with their passion.
I hope that as many soccer people as possible will have the same desire as I do and will take action with just a little bit of courage, and expand this eco-cycle of the soccer family to support children in need. I believe that this desire will make the present and future of children who love soccer wonderful.
I also believe the potential of soccer, which can "connect people to people.”
Photo: ©︎EHIME FC/ @ehimefc12
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