Singer, dancer, actress
Born 23 February 1974 in Kanagawa JAPAN
As the eldest daughter of the renowned folk singer TAKiO ITO, Meguru has been performing traditional Japanese folk songs and dances from an early age. She learnt drama at Training School and subsequently joined her father’s TAKiO BAND for concert tours of Japan and overseas Since 1989.Meguru has released a full length album and several Eps.
Since 2012, she has been engaged in both music and event production, conceiving of and producing a series of duet albums featuring Takio Ito and renowned Japanese musicians such as free jazz saxophonist Akira Sakata, folk singer Kazuki Tomokawa,Japanese TAKIO player Eitetsu Hayashi etc.
In 2014, she formed the band "HOUZUKI" ,and since 2016 has appeared in TV commercials, and has contributed vocals to the Ghost in the Shell movie soundtrack.
Meguru continues to actively record and perform with her band HOUZUKI, as a member of the Japanese free jazz / performance art troupe "Shibusa Shirazu" and as a member of the TAKiO ITO band etc.overseas Performing in Thailand,with TAKiOBAND in Turkey, Egypt, Israel and China, Italia , Vietnam.
vocal, Japanese traditional dance, Japanese handy drum KOTSUZUMI