We (Chisemari are already engaged 💍: Chisei and Maria) same as China government have gotten mad to US military (there nicknames; Kanchon, Kenedy and so on). We have in common that "stolen somethings by US military".🔥

 According to China government, after the new corona-virus:COVID-19 specimen in Institute of virus at Wuhan City, in China seems to have been stolen by US military, they scattered the new corona virus by opening the stolen specimen bin at the seafood market.

 The US military are my mother side-grandfather’s real rival in the wars time, about 120 years old. My grandfather was the highest class imperial Japanese army.

 The wars time haven’t still finished in myself yet. Especially, if China government do DNA-test the bin surfaces, China and we could get defeat surely America and US military with the obtained dominant evidences from the DNA-test in the corona wars.

 China government would have already gotten to win the evidences surely.

 The reasons are the following two big theft cases. First, I had my research paper stolen three years ago by US military. They are my research paper thieves ( I call them "RONDORO" in Japanese)😡. Second, my engaged Maria 💍(her talent name, Ono-Nonoka) has also ever been to be stolen the instant ramen two years ago on a business trip😡. She has called it "Miyage-jiken" (ramen theft case) in Japanese.

 Actually, Chisemari also had been the victims earlier than China government on them thieves.
 Of course, now both my paper and her instant ramen haven't been returned yet, everything was robbed by them.😡 By using there ignorance for natural science, as if the devils👿 they are all you want to do, we feel mortifying😡 Therefore, I could support China goverment advocation "the stolen anything by US military" in common, because US military are our thieves totally.

 China is the first victim in the new corona virus WARS. 

 Therefore, the American investigation and contentions are FAKE completely in the new corona virus WARS.

 We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the deceased people all over the world during this Corona War.

‪Thank you for reading❗️‬

‪Saturday 16 May, 2020 at Tokyo in Japan.‬
‪Written by Chisei (Chisemari💍)‬

Kepler-62f is a super Earth is 1.4 times radius than Earth's that, orbits a period of 267 days at the distance of 0.72 AU from a its star. This planet receives just 43% flux of Earth's that from the host star, the equilibrium temperature is also lower than Earth. It estimates the orbit is in the habitable zone, each the mass and the OHR (ocean holding rate)are 2 times than Earth's that respectably, and the ocean depth is 6488 meters. Liquid-phase on the surface will be difficult to change than Earth.

Habitable Zone is the warm circumstllar zone where water can be maintained stable liquid don't phase-change on the planet surface.