I went to a farewell party of my friend😂
I’ve already had a lot off experience that I have to say goodbye to my friends.
Because my classmates came from several countries and we can be together for a short period.


I feel so sad every time but at the same time I can meet new friends. 
We never meet without a parting😌

I’ve had a lot of friends in all the world. It’s wonderful thing,isn’t it?

If I hadn’t spoken English, I couldn’t have made the friends.  
I can say the world is huge and English showed me a wider world. 
I used to always think about that I didn’t wanna be a narrow-minded like a racist or someone has a prejudice.
I’ll have stil a few month to be here. 
I wanna publish my book about study abroad after go back to japan.haha🥰

I’ve already decided the title of the book!

Let me try to write my story in this period!!!😆
I’ll come to afternoon tea with my friends tomorrow so I’m so exited🤗
I’ll update tomorrow as well!!!
See you soon💋