I’ve got back to London.
I was supposed to be ltaly until this weekend but Coronation virus was getting worth in Italy so I bought other return ticket and I came back here.

It was right decision,right?
Some friends said it was gonna be fine but if someone has the virus in our hotel,we have to be isolated there for a few weeks at least.
And Hotel’s staff said we should have gone back to London so we decided.

It’s okay I’m still on my holiday even in London!

Anyway, I went to Venice for "Venice carnival"
Do you know this festival??
But it was canceled because of the virus...but I took some pics!

They were so beautiful and a lot of people were wearing like this costumes🥰


It was like cosplay party of Japanese 🤣

I’ll come back here next year!!Definitely!!!
With "Lolita costume"...haha

Last time I went to Venice, my return flight was delayed and canceled in the end.
In this time it also happened some problems
...Venice might hate me🥺🥺🥺🥺

I couldn’t do a lot of things what I was planning😭

Let’s do revenge!!!!!

I’m wondering which destination I will choose next for my holiday😆😆😆😆😆😆
If you have some recommendations please let me know!!

Anyway I should stay in London until it’s gonna calm down🥺
And thank you for your message in here and on Twitter about Chao-kun.

I’m sure He’s gonna be better🥺