I was under the weather yesterday😢
I’m feeling better today. Sorry I might have failed to do this challenge... but KINISHINAI!!!!
I’ll forget about it🥴haha

I went to musical the other day🙂
It was first time to see musicals in London because I had an opportunities to go before but I turned down because I wanted to wait for improving my English.
I thought it was the time to go at the day.
I couldn’t say it’s enough,though.😂

I saw "Prince of Egypt",which is new one in London.
I was impressed by acting and production!
Yeah... it was so difficult to catch the English actually.
But I was really enjoyed and I thought I wanted to do acting and also singing 😂

I really wanna move my body!!!!!!!
I was dancing for my live stage when I was in Japan but I haven’t done any exercise since I came here...😖😭😭😭😖

My stomach has already been PoyoPoyo 🥺

I’ll start to go to gym from next month!!!!🤝
It’s gonna be next one month challenge 😼😼😼

I can’t go everyday...,though..Twice or 3times per a week😬

I’ll post my stomach’s photo to show you my process😚

Ramen makes me so happy 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪