Hi☺️How’re you????
I was Sadako yesterday😆
Did you feel scared???haha

Today I made Japanese foods “Tempura “
I forgot to take the photo,though🤣

I’d like to say something to a wrap of UK!!

It was terrible...the box has cutter but it doesn’t work and wrap is not sticky😭
I really miss Japanese wrap “ Saranrap”

Anyone know where can I buy it in London???🥺
It really annoying me😖😖😖😖

And ...Anyone know how can I remember new vocabularies quickly??haha

It’s so difficult to memorize😫
My brain’s already got older😟😟😟😟😟😟

I know I should use a lot!!But like this vocabulary is so hard to use in my daily life😅

I realized if I use only easy vocabularies or I can’t discuss about difficult topic,you’d think I’m stupid so I have to remember that about even different topic like economics,environment and politics. 
But it’s absolutely boring!!!!!

I wanna install a PC to my head😫
In the future, it might be possible to do it!!

How much can you pay for this???

Anyway I can’t rely on the technology at the moment🤪 I have to do it by myself!!

Go for it to myself!!!!!!!