How was your weekend???

I made a cake today😘
I’ll be a chef in UK...haha

I went to cinema to see the movie of “Paradox”

Have you seen it???
I don’t wanna be spoiler so I can’t write my review but..... I could say
 “I was really suprised😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳”

Even in the theater everyone was screaming. 
I was like “Oh my goooosh I couldn’t see anymore” and I didn’t see any parts of them.

But I strongly recommend you watching this movie😆
It was really well-structured and It was the best movie what I’ve ever been suprised!!!!

If you watch it please let me tell your review🤣

Today was like typhoon in London.
I can’t walk outside..so I used only Uber😅

I hope weather’s gonna be better tomorrow!!!!!

See you🤗