How’s your weekend going??

I’ve been enjoyed🤣cooking today as well..
My blog talked about food everyday lately🤣

I’m really foody and I’ve been enjoyed foods in UK.
My friends is struggling with British food because  ..you know...I can’t say it’s tasty.haha
But I think if you’re into cooking,here would be perfect for you😉We can buy a lot of ingredients so cheap except Japanese food(めっちゃ高い!!)

I went to farmers market in this morning☺️

I cooked the Japanese carpaccio with row egg today🥰
Can you have a row egg????

One day, my teacher asked me “What’s your favorite Egg dish??” and I said “raw egg with soy sause on the rice” 

My classmates said “Whaaaat’s!?!? Can you eat raw egg??”

Only Japanese have raw eggs??

The farmer in the market said “If you can”haha
I’ll see ... if I get food poisoning tomorrow😂

I could get even meat innards😳😳😳😳😳

Have a lovely Sunday😍