Hi😆How’s it going??
It’s already passed over 10days since I started one month challenge!!!

Today I met Fukunaga in London,who is lawyer and I was working with him on a TV program “Hirukyun” 2years ago🤣

He came to London so we had a lunch together🙃

He’s traveling all over the world to go to Michelin restaurants so It was amazing dishes!!!haha

Btw, I bought this dress just £45. It’s about 6000yen.
There’re a lot of fast fashion clothe shops in London not only ZARA, H&M.That’s why I can get  a lot of clothes so cheap!!!!
This is a one of my biggest reason that I wanna stay here🤣🤣🤣🤣

I definitely can’t carry them to Japan😅

Please anyone help me when I come back to Japan☹️

And today was Friday so I had a party with my usual members😍😍😍
We cooked dinner today!
But....next week is gonna be last time..becaus one of us will go back to her country😥
We’re planning go to a day trip next weekend so I’m so excited🥰😍😍🥰

Have a lovely weekend ❤️
See you soon😆