Happy Brithday Milkyholmes🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Today was 10years anniversary for Milkyholmes!!!

I bought a cake and had with my friends😘
I’m so happy because I could celebrate it in London,which is set in Milkyholmes!!!!

And I went to the choir today. I sang a song with British people.I got nervous first but I was enjoyed it in the end🥰
It was nice experience. I don’t wanna be afraid!!!

I realized I loved singing. I don’t know if I have a opportunity to sing a song again but I won’t change that Singing is important for my life.

I could find real me thanks to Milky. I could come here thanks to Milky....

I hope I’ll be together with 💖💛💚 same day of next year💙