What’re you up to??

Today was a cooking day😆
I went to a food market and cooked a lot of dishes🥰

I’m really into cooking..I cook every day even here 🤣There’re some food markets in London and some of them is so close to my house🥰
I often come there to buy fresh products!!!

I cooked Okonomiyaki for lunch and Poke, Risotto,and some..for dinner☺️


I’m soooo happy today!
If you come to London,you should come there!!!

After come back to London, I definitely will miss here..😂😂😂

And ... today is 10years anniversary of Milkyholmes!!!!😍😍😍

I’m still at night before the day because of the jet rag..🤣
I’ll cerebrate it tomorrow!!!!!!

What will you do for this anniversary??
Please celebrate for us today 😍😍😍😍😍😍