Hi! Lovely🥰

I came back to London today and went to school! 
It was tough day..😂😂😂
 I’d like to sleep earlier tonight! 

My teacher was absent today and I had to take an uppper class today. It was super difficult because it was an Advance level,which is top level in my school.
I’m in pre-advance,actually. But the level was completely different. I feel so intense even my current class....😭😭😭
I have to take this class tomorrow as well...please help me😂😂my brain has almost dead...and I would be💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 tomorrow!haha

Anyway,I’ll see...😅

Uhhhhh.... I really like London but at the same time,I’d like to be warm countries🤣

How about you??
Which do you prefer to live??? 

Because I cannot any winter sports so I feel a little bit bored in winter😥
When I was in high school, My school had school activity of ski camp. 
It was first time to do it but my instructer took me to "Otokozaka",which means "Man’s slope"
It looked very scary, which was steep slope.
I said “I couldn’t go down on this slope I wanted to go to Women’s slope.
But he said "Only you wanted use the slope. You should have followed your classmates" and he pushed my back and I fell down to foot of the slope🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

That’s why I had trauma of skiiing and any other slopes...😵


It’s already passed for looooong years so I feel like I can try it again😉
And I’ve already booked to go to skiing in this month🤩I’m positive and brave!!!
I feel like I can do it everything what I want at the moment!
And I’d like to enjoy my life as much as possible😻I don’t wanna lose my any opportunities by the trauma!! 
I think it can be overcame by good opportunities. Definitely!!!!!!

I don’t wanna say just "No" without any reasons.

If you cannnot,you cannot.
if you don’t want to,you can do it!😉

Let’s enjoy our life😍😍😍😍😍

See you tomorrow😘

Please correct my English if I make a mistake. 
I won’t be annoyed if you do that😍
I’d rather fell glad!!!!!