How’s it going?

I’m worried about you. I’ve heard a lot of news about the corona virus from Japanese friends and news.
There’re a few people has it even in UK.

I’d like to wear a mask to protect from their disease.
But I don’t have confidence to do it. Because it’s not usual to wear it in UK and I heard some experience of racism from my Asian friends,that is terrible.
If I wear mask, I might frighten people. 
Because I’m Asian, they could think I have the virus and they’d try to avoid reaching from me.
I don’t know how to be careful about it😢

I play it get better this situation soon.

And I heard the Flu is so serious in USA,Japan as well?

I was so surprised when I saw this medicine at first!

This is for Cold but also Flu!!!
In Japan when I catch a flu we must go to hospital!! But they say we don’t need to go there and just buy the medicine at farmacy or even supermarket!!!! 

I can say this is the only one thing that I felt culture shock in here..haha

It can work for Japanese flu???🤔

My grandma said when you catch a cold you should have a ume!!



Do you know this Moca maker from Italy??😍
I’ve been using this since I came to UK for cafe latte😆😆

I have a happy morning everyday☕️☕️


How’s your weekend going???
This weekend has been super terrible weather😭😭😭😭

Yesterday was like typhoon so I couldn’t go out. I was supposed to go to 1day trip with my friends but we had to put it off🥺🥺🥺
Today’s also heavy rain.....
But We’ll have a hot pot party tonight instead of the trip✨✨✨

I went to “MEET VINCENT VAN GOGH EXPERIENCE” in this week 

I tried to come this exhibition in Paris. But I couldn’t.
It was really nice! I felt it was really modern because we could touch all stuffs even we could lay on the bed😂
Everyone was taking a lot of photo for their Instagram🤩
It was really inovative!!!!!
How many people are using Instagram nowadays???

Are you using it??


Here is not free. But basically we can go to museums for free in London. 
You don’t need to spend a lot of money for sightseeing in here☺️
That’s so great for students😜😜😜😜😜

Sweet dreams!!!!!