How was your weekend ??

I’ve been enjoying my holiday🤗
But Corona virus came here yesterday so I’m checking some news about it😭

I’m wearing a Mask while sight seeing...
We can’t buy any masks at farmers here, I ordered some on Amazon!


It’s really beautiful here. 
This Sunset makes me relaxed and also positive.

“If you can dream it,you must do it”


Medicine I got yesterday had been working 🥰
I’m better than yesterday!

I’m taking a holiday from today for a week.
I came to ltaly!!!
Basically I go to trip using only weekend.
But in this time I took a week off😉I’ll stay here for a week and This is third time I came here.


I was wearing a Mask in the airplane. A few people was wearing it.

My Italian friend asked me about "Napolitan" one day🤣They wondered why Japanese people used Ketchup for spaghetti...!

And I made it for them and they said it was good but I couldn’t believe the review.
I thought they tied to be polite..haha

Anyway, I’ll update about my holiday tomorrow 🥰


I went to hospital in London for the first time today😖

I’ve been having heavy back pain for a few days.
I couldn’t come to school because I couldn’t 
seat on a chair in the same posture for a long time😖

I turned pale in my class yesterday so I came back home earlier and I couldn’t go to school.

The hospital I went was so great which was exactly same as Japanese🏥
Doctors and nurses were so kind. I was really impressed and everything was free because of my Insurance😭
I thought I could stay here forever...haha

Anyway I took a X-ray and some tests. 
Fortunately,it came back negative.
They gave me some medicine and I’ll see it for a few days...😥I’m gonna be better soon😉

It was good experience and I was relieved that it was completely Japanese style🥰