Caro Daichan
Today the last show of Romeo and Juliet took place
Congratulations on the great success that you and all the cast have achieved! 
It's a wonderful musical and all of you are great artists! 💕
I know Tybalt was a very important character for you and that you loved him so much ❤️
I really hope you can play it again! ❤️
Certainly your Tybalt will always be in our hearts ❤️
Good luck with your next projects. I look forward to seeing you in a new magnificent role 😍
Grazie di esistere, Daichan 💕
愛 で
キ ス (✿ ♡ ∇ ♡) ノ ⌒ ☆

Today is my birthday and, as for some years now, I will still celebrate it with my King ❤😍❤😍❤
Thank you for existing, sweet Daichan ❤
You continue to be my source of inspiration 😍😍😍
キス (✿ ♡ ∇ ♡)ノ⌒☆

Sweet Daichan
here I am to celebrate (in this wonderful virtual world) another new year with you ❤
Or rather, to celebrate the past year, full of the many successes that fill your incredible career 👏
Congratulations on everything you have achieved with your great work, determination, talent and willpower.
We are all dazzled by the light that surrounds you and we can't help but notice how great you are in everything you do, both as a man and as an artist ❤
Thanks for everything ❤
How many emotions you made me and make me live! Every day is a surprise, a discovery. Before I met you I was not particularly attracted to the world of theater (I was terrified that the actors were wrong in the lines 😅😅😅)
Following your career has brought me closer to this wonderful art and gives me the opportunity to learn about different shows that I did not know existed. I can' t wait to admire you in many new beautiful roles that you will play with all of yourself, becoming those characters 😍😍😍
Thank you for the good feelings you inspire, for your nobility of mind and for the many qualities you have ❤
Thank you for making better the world we live in ❤
Happy New Year, my sweet King ❤A new year full of everything you want ❤ May all your dreams come true 😘😘😘
キス (✿ ♡ ‿ ♡)ノ⌒☆