This top is 🔥😍このトップスタイプ過ぎる〜〜😩❤️お友達 @rumineely のブランド Are You Am Iだよ🤍インスタに沢山写真アップしたよ〜✨✨👉 @julianaminato 


✨✨Which photo is my favorite one as a model after almost 20 years of career is a hard question. Before I stand in front of the camera , there are all the process , the people behind that makes the moment magical. Photos aren’t only special because how beautiful it is. But how it made it feel. After many years having different looks with the cosmetic beauty shoots , the cute , cool , sexy , sporty, gothic, boyish , casual , conservative , no make up shoots , rock styles , we models we are almost like actresses. Lol I really fell in love with this shoot I did recently with my friend Mat! It’s such a natural stunning photo that I love 🤍 He made me see myself in different eyes , opening my mind . This shoot was special for sure. And today is his day. It’s his bday ✨ @badboi Mat you’re an inspiration , youre humble , kind and undeniably talented soul. ✨I hope you have a great bday and all your wishes comes true 🙏✨

🤍Happy new year!!! I believe 2020 was a hard year for everyone but i tried to learn as much as i can about myself, about others and tried to be productive as always and take care of myself. It was a challenging year in many ways that made me realize about many things that really matter in life. As always i put my family first but thats the year I thought deeply about their importance in my life. Im thankful for everything and everyone beside me. I hope 2021 its a new year full of love, good vibes, happiness and lot of smiles! I and id like to don’t forget what I had learn the past year and go forward positively. Happy holidays everyone!! 2021, We’re ready!!!