My best friend 🎀

She gave birthday present to me.

I was sooooo happy.

I think that she is good relationship with me💓

I went to go to Shinokubo with my friend.

I ate something foods

I drank a vanilla latte 

It was delicious 

My friend gave me the present 🎁 

Love ❤️ 

I was happy.
I couldn’t use this cosmetic.
I will use this cosmetics 
It is fantastic 

I am looking forward to using this cosmetic

My friend will become the office worker.
So,She will move on local area.
I am sad
When She becomes the office worker,I wanna see her 

I dislike the dentist.
But, I went to the dentist.
Because, I have swollen gums.

My doctor was very kind.
I usually go to different dentist.
But,Today I went to xxxdentist in the first time.
This dentist is near by the station.

He said you have swelling around your wisdom tooth .

May be removed

Don’t go to the dentist again.