KC logged me out today xD
"Get up" 
I was so flustered xD
"You never leave with us!"
"It's because I'm too slow!" I said.
"Yeah, so get ready." xD
So the four of us left together today! It was really fun leaving together with everyone ^^
I bought a headband yesterday and the day before! 
The one I wear for work is black and the one I bought for casual wear is red ^^
I remembered just now that Leon wears a black headband lololol 
But tadaa! The red one!
Work tomorrow...
I'll do my best >^<
And one more week until Godzilla comes out!

Woke up at 11:30 xD
Jay stayed the night!
We went to Yokohama yesterday and...
It was super fun!
We then went back to shinjuku lol
Today tho!!!
Kristine made food and we ate lots of snacks and!!!
Crest of the Royal Family with Kristine, Mikako and Jay!
It was so much fun!
They enjoyed it too!!
I'm so happy!
Gonna get ready for sleep now.

I met Saa-neechan this morning!
She got me stuff from America! 
So moved...
Came to Kelly-chan's work place for curry! 
It was yummy~ 
Her senpai also gave me some sort of drink.
It's tasty but because I'm sick I don't really know what it tastes like LOL
Yesterday, Kristine spent the day with me after Kid's Halloween party.
Singing so much Mamo karaoke was fun. ^^
And we got sweets after!
Also I was a pirate yesterday lol...
No one could tell what I was though...
But I was happy not to wear a suit at work for once.
I'll do my best this week!