Sooooo happy to be here in HK. I used to come here every so often since we used to have family gatherings. Can’t wait to tell you what we will be doing for my new project, filming for this Hawai‘i Tv show again;) We’ll keep you posted! 

大好きなナオミと一緒に♥️ 「知性と創造性と美しさに輝く女性を祝福」ブルガリのAvorora アワードに出席させて頂きました。今は女性の時代でもある、そう思うと今の時代も自由になって来てるなーと思う。これからも沢山の女性にinspireできるかっこいい人になりたい。
Thanks to Naomi, we got to attend BLVGARI Avrola awards together; seeing so many woman inspiring each other it made me want to do more. 
Equality you guys!!!