I, Takuma Asano, have terminated my playing contract with FK Partizan Belgrade.
After struggling for some time, I have no other choice but to come to this difficult decision because I do not feel respected by the club. The club has continuously failed to pay my salary and expenses on time (to date, there is still a significant amount outstanding) and has been less than straightforward in their response to my repeated demands.
It pains me to have to leave the club under these unfortunate circumstances, because FK Partizan was an important club in my playing career.
I am truly grateful to all those who supported me during my time at Partizan, including:
- Coach Savo Milosevic, who invited me to join the club;
- Coach Aleksandar Stanojevic, who always trusted and supported me;
- My amazing teammates and team staff; and
- All the fans who always believed in me and the team.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,
Takuma Asano
2 May 2021
私、浅野拓磨はこの度パルチザン ・ベオグラードとの選手契約を解除しました。